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Welcome back!

Posted June 12th, 2020
Our buses are ready for you!

We're pleased to welcome back customers commuting to Los Angeles and the Metro L Line (Gold). Our first priority is still your safety.

Regular service has resumed for Commuter Express Lines 490, 493, 495, 498, 499, and 699, and for Line 690. There’s plenty of room on board for safe physical distancing.

If you haven’t been on board recently, welcome back! Please review our new requirements to help keep you safe.

Cover your mouth and nose. You must wear a face covering over your nose and mouth while you’re waiting for the bus and the whole time you’re on board the bus. Note that we will not denying service to customers without a face covering, as there are valid and medical reasons some people may not be able to wear a mask.

Don’t crowd. To help people keep a safe distance, our buses are targeting fewer customers on board. That might mean you’ll have to wait a little longer for your bus than before the pandemic, so plan ahead.

Rear door boarding on all buses. Customers who need to use the ramp may still board through the front door. In order to maintain proper social distancing, we are not collecting fares during this period of rear boarding only.

Skip a seat.

Wash your hands.

For our full response to this pandemic, updated daily, visit

The bus stop at Puente Hills Mall is again open, and Line 493 serves that stop as usual.

The Transit Store at Puente Hills Mall is also open. We are currently not selling or collecting fares to help you keep a safe distance. You can also get physically distanced assistance at 800-RIDE-INFO and

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