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Bus Book

Foothill Transit's Bus Book contains all the information you need to ride our buses: fares, schedules, policies, and much more.

The bus schedules and routes in this Bus Book are effective as of October 22, 2017.

Bus Book Cover for October 2017

What’s New?

It might be easier to list what isn’t new.

There are so many changes in this Bus Book, none of which we could make without your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to tell us what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do better.


The fares and pass prices have all changed (see our Fares page), but what’s really different is that if you use your TAP card to pay your fare, it’s cheaper. Also we’ve introduced Foothill Transit’s first ever Day Pass. You may buy these on board the bus. Details on how to purchase a Day Pass on board are at our TAP card page. Changes in transfer upcharges are in our Transfer Policy. And there are changes to the Silver2Silver program, too.

Adjusted lines

Following extensive outreach and customer feedback, we’re launching a major service adjustment with this Bus Book. Lines with schedule and/or route changes include the Silver Streak, 185, 187, 190, 194, 270, 284, 291, 292, 480, 482, 488, 493, 495, 498, 690, and 851. In some cases we added service to meet higher demand, in others we removed service or rerouted to better serve transfer points.

Canceled lines

Canceling a line is never an easy or lightly made decision and we never move forward on removing a line without your feedback. The following lines have been removed from service due to duplicate service availability on other lines or because they travel outside our core service area: 481, 494, and 855. Line 481 customers are encouraged to look into the LA Metro bus (20, 720) and rail lines (Purple and Red) that serve the Wilshire corridor. Line 494 customers may use Lines 690 and 270 as alternates to El Monte Station. Line 855 customers will be served by the rerouted Line 292.

Copies of the new Bus Book are available on all our buses for the first few weeks following a schedule change (until November 5), while supplies last.

You can also pick up a new Bus Book at any Transit Store for free until November 5, and then for $1 afterward. Remember to hold on to it! The information in it is good until the next one comes out.

The Bus Book is also available completely free online. Our E Bus Book allows you to choose just the information you’re interested in. You can print it or save it to your computer or phone.