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At Foothill Transit, we embrace sustainability because it benefits all aspects of our business, while also helping our communities by protecting the environment through measured and responsible stewardship of resources. We believe in sustainable transportation so much, in fact, that we are committed to operating a 100% electric bus fleet by the year 2030

LET’S CLEAR THE AIR. Foothill Transit has led the charge in sustainable transportation for years. It’s why we were the FIRST IN THE COUNTRY to put fast-charge electric buses on the roads. It’s why we consistently monitor and measure the environmental impact of everything we do. And it’s why we’re committed to operating a 100% ELECTRIC BUS FLEET BY 2030. Because we believe in guilt-free trips. In exploring the earth – not exploiting it. And that with your help, we can make SAVING OUR PLANET as simple as going for a ride.

Foothill Transit’s Environmental Policy

The mission of Foothill Transit is to be the premier public transit provider committed to safety, courtesy, quality, responsiveness, efficiency and innovation. Protecting the environment is an important part of that mission.

This Foothill Transit Environmental Policy serves as a written communication of our intent to implement sustainable, innovative solutions that measure and improve our environmental performance through a formal Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS).

Through this policy, Foothill Transit commits to:

The Foothill Transit Environmental Policy is communicated annually to all Foothill Transit team members and those working on Foothill Transit’s behalf, including all contractors and vendors, and is made available to the public via Foothill Transit’s website. In order to fulfill the commitments made in this policy, all Foothill Transit team members and those working on Foothill Transit’s behalf are responsible for incorporating this policy into their plans and work.