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Silver 2 Silver


Combined service from Foothill Transit and Metro makes it easy for you to pick a bus – any bus.

If you ride Metro’s Silver Line or Foothill Transit’s Silver Streak between El Monte Station and Downtown LA, now your trips can be easier than ever before. That’s because our Silver 2 Silver Service lets you ride whichever bus you want – Silver Streak or Metro Silver Line – with either your Foothill Transit 31-Day Pass or your Metro 30-Day, 7-Day or 1-Day Pass.

The best part is, this service upgrade is automatic. Next time you get to your bus stop, you can just hop on the first bus to arrive, tap your Metro or Foothill Transit pass, and be on your way!

The Metro 1-Day Pass is valid on the Silver Streak when boarding from LA heading east or when boarding from the El Monte Station heading west. The Metro 1-Day pass is not valid on the Silver Streak when boarding at the Montclair Transit heading west or when boarding at the El Monte Station heading East.

If you board the Silver Streak from Montclair Transit Center heading west or from El Monte Station heading east using a transfer, you’ll need to pay an upcharge of $1.20. If you board in LA heading east or at El Monte Station heading west using a transfer, your upcharge will be $0.95.
Fare Chart (click to enlarge)
S2S Fare Chart9



Quick Facts


Collaboration between Foothill Transit and Metro offering an easy and convenient combined service to all bus riders along the Silver Streak and Silver Line routes


The Silver Streak and Silver Line bus routes between El Monte Station and Downtown LA

Passes Accepted

All categories of Foothill Transit 31-Day Passes and Metro 30-Day, 7-Day and 1-Day Passes will be accepted on either line — see fare chart for details