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Transfer Policy

Need to take more than one bus to complete your trip? Ask your driver for a transfer when you board and pay your fare.

Buying Transfers

Transfers are available to purchase for $0.50  when you pay your full fare at time of boarding. Discount transfers for eligible seniors and persons with disabilities are available for $0.25. While the transfers are worth the dollar value of the customer’s local fare, they are not the same as cash. They are usable for boarding ONLY and cannot be used to purchase another transfer. You can pay for them using cash or your TAP card. TAP and paper interagency transfers are available for purchase on Foothill Transit buses. If you’re transferring to Metro Rail, remember that gates only accept TAP transfers.

Transfers $0.50
Discount Transfers
For eligible seniors, disabled, and Medicare card holders

Once purchased, Foothill Transit transfers are good for two hours on Foothill Transit, Metro buses and other agencies that accept Foothill Transit transfers.

Here’s how you can purchase a transfer on your TAP card.

  1. Let the bus operator know you want to purchase a transfer on your TAP card and tap your card on the fare box.
  2. Wait for direction for the bus operator, and then insert your full fare and transfer amount.
  3. Tap your card again on the blue circle. Your card is now loaded with a transfer good for one use within two hours from purchase.

When you get on the bus you are transferring to, just tap your TAP card and pay any upcharges if necessary.

Transferring to Metro Rail?

Gates at Metro Rail stations only accept TAP transfers.

Single use TAP transfers for the Metro Gold Line are available for customers connecting to the Metro Rail from Line 187 and Line 690 ONLY. Single use TAP transfers are not valid on any bus. To request a single use TAP transfer, ask the bus operator for a “rail transfer”. The one-time use, paper TAP card will only be issued to cash paying customers who request a rail transfer. Unlike the regular TAP card, the single use TAP card cannot be reloaded or reused. Customers connecting to rail from other Foothill Transit lines must either ask the operator to load a rail transfer to their TAP card when they pay their fare, or they must pay full fare when they board Metro rail.

Using Transfers

Foothill Transit transfers are worth the value of one Local fare ($1.25 for Adults, and $0.50 for Seniors, Disabled, and Medicare Card holders). You can only use transfers once, within two hours of purchase, regardless of direction of travel.

If you use a transfer to board the Silver Streak, Line 481, or Commuter Express, you must pay the difference:

Transferring to: Adults pay: Senior/Disabled/Medicare pay:
Local Transfer
Silver Streak Transfer + $1.20 Transfer + $0.65
Line 481 Transfer + $1.50 Transfer + $0.85 (off-peak hours)
Transfer + $2.25 (peak hours)
Commuter Express Lines Transfer + $3.65


Transferring TO Foothill Transit

Foothill Transit accepts paper and TAP loaded interagency transfers from other participating regional agencies. Monthly passes and tickets from Metrolink, as well as other interagency transfers, are worth the value of one Local fare when transferring to Foothill Transit. Metrolink fare is good for one boarding on local Foothill Transit lines. See the chart above for costs required to transfer to Local, Silver Streak, and Line 481 buses.

When transferring to a Foothill Transit Commuter Express Line, interagency transfers are worth $1.25, and Metrolink monthly passes and tickets are NOT accepted.

The Metro day pass is valid on the Silver Streak when boarding from LA heading east or when boarding from the El Monte Station heading west. The Metro day pass is not valid on the Silver Streak when boarding at the Montclair Transit heading west or when boarding at the El Monte Station heading East.

If you’re transferring from Metro rail to Foothill Transit, purchase your transfer from the ticket vending machine before you board the train.

Monthly passes, day passes and transfers from OmniTrans and OCTA are accepted as one Adult Local Fare ($1.25) at the following bus stops ONLY: