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Kudos to you!

Posted April 10th, 2018
blue skies, hummingbirds, monarch butterflies, and poppies

Being on board the bus preserves this wonderful place we call home. Thanks for helping us all enjoy our neighborhoods more.

We know that cleaner air leads to happier and healthier lives for everyone. That’s why we’ve led the charge in sustainable transportation for years. It’s why we were the FIRST IN THE COUNTRY to put fast-charge electric buses on the roads. And it’s why we consistently monitor and measure the environmental impact of everything we do.

Here is how choosing Foothill Transit helps to keep our communities cleaner:

  • Riding public transportation helps the country reduce its carbon footprint by 37 million metric tons – that’s the equivalent of 4.9 million households using electricity in a year!
  • Research shows that cleaner air increases life expectancy. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, you’re a health nut or a smoker, whether you’ve got a master’s degree or never went to college – cleaner air keeps everyone healthier, for longer.
  • Reducing air pollutants and irritants protects the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods, making it easier for everyone to breathe. Allergy and asthma sufferers often find relief from their symptoms when airborne irritants are removed.
  • When we minimize the amount of harmful chemicals released into in the air, we help to restore balance to the ecosystem and preserve our forests, lakes and rivers. That way everyone can enjoy the beauty of the foothills for years to come.
  • Our fleet of electric buses helps maximize the clean air power in our communities. Our electric buses eliminate the same amount of emissions as 2,424 cars each year. Or, if you look at it another way, they reduce the same amount of emissions as 43,944 trees – gives a new meaning to the term ‘concrete jungle’.

Every day is Earth Day at Foothill Transit. Because we believe in guilt-free trips. And with your help, we can make saving our planet as simple as going for a ride.

Thank you for riding Foothill Transit!

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