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Foothill Transit wants to know what you think!

Posted April 2nd, 2021 in Commuters, Featured, Footnotes, TransportationABBG 2021

Foothill Transit wants to get to know you. Take this survey! Are the buses usually on time? Is it easy to find the best route for your trip? Is it easy to pay for your trip? Are the buses clean, comfortable and well-driven? We want to know. We are interested in your replies whether you […]

Foothill Transit想知道你的想法!

Posted April 1st, 2021 in Commuters, Featured, Footnotes, TransportationABBG 2021 chinese

Foothill Transit 想之間更好地了解您! 填寫我們的問卷。 公共汽車通常準時嗎?為您的旅行找到最佳路線是否容易?您的旅行是否容易付款?公共汽車乾淨舒適嗎?我們的公交車司機開得好嗎?我們想知道。無論您經常使用公交車還是不經常使用公交車,我們都對您的回复感興趣。 調查問卷大約需要3-5分鐘才能完成。我們會做出各種聲明,我們會問你是否同意或不同意。這些陳述後面還有一些關於你自己的問題。您在這些問卷中的輸入將有助於我們了解您對我們服務的期望。請只填寫一次問卷。 該調查問卷由全國各地的一些運輸機構同時進行,以便我們了解客戶對我們提供的服務的看法。所有代理機構都會比較調查問卷的結果,以便我們相互學習,努力為您提供更好的服務。 如果您參加這調查問卷,您將有機會贏取獎品。 五人將贏得價值25美元的星巴克禮品卡。 五人將贏得由Foothill Transit設計的一系列口罩。 獎品是隨機選擇的。填寫問卷的截止日期是5月9日。。點擊此處獲取有關我們抽獎活動規則的信息。 您的信息和回復將保密,不會用於任何其他目的。 訪問此頁面以完成調查問卷: 感謝您抽出寶貴的時間來填寫我們的問卷!

Foothill Transit quiere saber lo que piensa!

Posted April 1st, 2021 in Commuters, Featured, Footnotes, TransportationABBG 2021 espanol

Foothill Transit quiere conocerlo mejor. ¡Haga esta encuesta! ¿Los autobuses suelen llegar a tiempo? ¿Es fácil encontrar la mejor ruta para su viaje? ¿Es fácil pagar la tarifa? ¿Están los autobuses limpios y cómodos y los conducen adecuadamente? Nos interesan sus respuestas, ya sea que utilice los autobuses con frecuencia, ocasionalmente o incluso si raramente […]

Vaccination sites you can reach on Foothill Transit

Posted March 19th, 2021 in Connections, Featured, FootnotesI got mine!

Every one of these vaccination sites is just minutes away from a Foothill Transit bus stop. Plan ahead — you’ll need an appointment, and they might not be available at all locations.  

No mask, no ride

Posted February 2nd, 2021 in Agency News, Commuters, Featured, Footnotes, TransportationNo mask, no ride.

Starting Wednesday, February 3rd, you must be wearing a mask in order to board and ride Foothill Transit. Foothill Transit has required masks on board since the beginning of the pandemic, and customers have overwhelmingly complied. (Thank you!) New federal regulations from the CDC require masks on board all public transportation and now make wearing […]

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