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Board Members

Foothill Transit provides fixed-route bus service to the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys and is governed by a Joint Powers Authority of 22 member cities and the County of Los Angeles.

Governing Board of Foothill Transit

Councilmember Roger Chandler
Mayor Tom Beck, Alternate
Mayor Pro Tem Albert Ambriz
Councilmember Manuel R. Garcia, Alternate
Councilmember Uriel Macias
Councilmember Edward J. Alvarez, Alternate
La Puente
Mayor Valerie Muñoz
Mayor Pro Tem Violeta Lewis, Alternate
Baldwin Park
Councilmember Cruz Baca
Councilmember Susan Rubio, Alternate
La Verne
Mayor Pro Tem Charlie A. Rosales
Councilmember Tim Hepburn, Alternate
Councilmember Richard G. Barakat
Mayor Richard T. Hale, Alternate
Mayor Pro Tem Becky Shevlin
VACANT, Alternate
Councilmember Corey Calaycay
Councilmember Opanyi K. Nasiali, Alternate
Councilmember Margaret McAustin
Mayor Terry Tornek, Alternate
Councilmember Peggy A. Delach
Mayor John C. King, Alternate
Councilmember Paula Lantz
Mayor Elliot Rothman, Alternate
Diamond Bar
Councilmember Carol Herrera
Mayor Nancy A. Lyons, Alternate
San Dimas
Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Badar
Councilmember John Ebiner, Alternate
Councilmember Tzeitel Paras-Caracci
Mayor Samuel Kang
South El Monte
Councilmember Hector Delgado
Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Olmos, Alternate
El Monte
Councilmember Juventino “J” Gomez
VACANT, Alternate
Temple City
Councilmember Cynthia Sternquist
Councilmember William Man, Alternate
Mayor Pro Tem Gary Boyer
Mayor Gene Murabito, Alternate
Mayor Pro Tem Mary Su, Alternate
Mayor Pro Tem Cory C. Moss
Councilmember Abraham N. Cruz, Alternate
West Covina
Mayor Pro Tem Corey Warshaw
Councilmember Tony Wu, Alternate
Los Angeles County
David C. Rodriguez
(Representing Supervisor Don Knabe)
Michael De La Torre
(Representing Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich)
Sam Pedroza
(Representing Supervisor Hilda L. Solis)

The Governing Board is divided into five regional clusters that elect a representative from each cluster to serve a one-year term on the Executive Board. The five-member Executive Board is elected by the larger joint powers authority once a year at the agency’s annual meeting. Visit our History page for a detailed history of the organization.

Executive Board of Foothill Transit

Carol Herrera
Executive Board Chair
Cluster 4 – Diamond Bar
Valerie Muñoz, La Puente, Alternate

Corey Calaycay
Executive Board Vice Chair
Cluster 1 – Claremont
Paula Lantz, Pomona, Alternate

Corey Warshaw
Executive Board Member
Cluster 2 – West Covina
Cruz Baca, Baldwin Park, Alternate

Cynthia Sternquist
Executive Board Member
Cluster 3 – Temple City
Richard Barakat, Bradbury, Alternate

Sam Pedroza
Executive Board Member
Cluster 5 – Representing Supervisor Hilda Solis
Michael De La Torre (Representing Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich), Alternate